Ludvig Strøier Eriksson

"My passion is to develop people and organizations"




How Can I help You...?

My passion is to develop people and organizations, so never hesitate to contact me, if You need help!

I work on different projects, and with a ton of resources, here are some of my areas of expertise.

You can read more on the different projects below....

- Coaching


- Speaking


- Consulting


- Training and health

- Business and Branding

Projects and Partners

Here are some of the projects that I run, and the partners that I work with

Dreamlab 2020

HACK YOUR Dream / Business / Lifeskills / Future

A network for young people (age 13-19) with the will to become future entrepreneurs, influencers and changemakers.

Strong Impact Workout

This is a workout system for anyone who wants to stay in shape, without spending unnecessary time energy and money on fitness and gym-membership

Social Invest

Social Invest is a CSR-company that provides practical services, such as cleaning, gardening, window cleaning and more. But the heart of the company is to create a working environment for people with special needs...

Tutor & Consultant

Ludvig has over 10 years of experience as a teacher in special-education and would love to share his knowledge or set up a project with the kids in school. Here are some areas of expertise:

-Innovation and Entrepreneurship

-Special needs (autism, ADHD...)

-Lifeskills and personal growth

-Sports, Health and Outdoor

The Vineyard Family

I believe that we are here for a reason. That life has a greater meaning. And I believe in giving back, what has been given to me.

I am constantly inspired by the CROSS and the Vineyard family. That's why I'm a part of the Vineyard movement.

Read more about the Vineyard family, what we believe and how we support people in the local society...

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